20 Jan



Includes: Cowboys Grill Salad, Mixed Green Salad, Caesar Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, and Fresh Side Salad.


Fresh and Flavorful: Explore Our Delectable Salad Selection

Step into a world of culinary delight at our restaurant, where our salad selection promises a journey of fresh flavors and vibrant ingredients. Our Cowboys Grill Salad brings together the robust goodness of grilled meats with crisp vegetables, creating a hearty and satisfying dish. For those seeking a lighter option, our Mixed Green Salad is a symphony of fresh greens, tossed with tangy dressings and topped with a medley of nuts and fruits for a refreshing crunch.

Indulge in the timeless classic, our Caesar Salad, where crisp romaine lettuce meets savory Parmesan cheese and garlic croutons, all dressed in our signature Caesar dressing. For a protein-packed twist, try our Chicken Caesar Salad, featuring tender grilled chicken strips atop a bed of crisp greens, perfectly complemented by our creamy Caesar dressing.

Looking for a simple yet satisfying side? Our Fresh Side Salad is the perfect choice, featuring a colorful array of garden-fresh vegetables, drizzled with your choice of dressing. At our restaurant, each salad is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that every bite is a burst of flavor and freshness for your palate.

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